Unterwegs !!

This blog is currently using its legal rights for vacation is entitled to.
Dayton was a blast. Being on "Sketchlust" again, will post my doodles soon :-)
CU !
VY 73 aus Deutschland
de AB1MQ :-)))

Gone fishing, again ! (longspan this time !)

Promise to give it a good try to keep the blog posted with pics. First stop on my way to the american (and not only) dream.. München !

For the ones who ask me how am I doing in Greece..

.. well I'm afraid that this is only the beginning. Since it's hard to explain, especially to a foreigner, I think that the following article written by a well-respected and successful Greek blogger, is by far the most representative & felicitous:

You may click here to read it http://pitsirikos.net/2010/05/dont-visit-greece-liberate-us/


Promise to get back posting soon.
During the last month my free time has dwindled to zero, (except a few glorious weekends along with great friends) though I do have scribbled numerous little posts here and there over paper bits or in my net-book. Well, mni tnx for recalling me and rest assured that I'm going to post agn as soon as I get a few spare, peaceful (non-snatched) minutes !