I know what you did this weekend..

..this weekend rocked !  Shared it with local buddies as well as old & new radiofriends on the air !
Here's my summary sheet, extracted from N1MM which supports SYLRA Contest in their latest update file:
(btw, you can also check here summary sheets and feedback from other YLs too !)

SYLRA Score Summary Sheet

CallSign Used : SV2KBS

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP HIGH YL

Op Time (hrs): 17,5

Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Cty
   3,5  CW        68      144   23
   3,5  LSB         1          2     1
     7  CW       149      320   40
     7  LSB        51      102   22
   14  CW       113      234   30
   14  USB      406      892   50
   21  CW       173      354   21
   21  USB      187      410   34
   28  CW         17        32   12
   28  USB        17        34   13

 Total  Both  1182     2524  246

I'm so happy to see OH2YL's efforts paid off with so many people checking into the contest.
It was also very fun while sweeping the whole band, to stumble on those YL-generated pile-ups !
Whoever said that YLs are not favored in Ham Radio, was wrong !
Something else that makes this event interesting, is -apart from the timing, which is perfect, if you have no antennas for 160m to "warm-up" with TBDC then you can warm-up with SYLRA !- the fact that OM-OM QSOs are allowed and thus the guys out there can do running as well and thus be actively part of the game !

Thanks to all with whom I had QSO with as well as those who tried: Whenever I didn't have QRM from the local MW broadcasting stn, I had internal QRM from three young men as well as a very
young lady who made their very best to test my patience to the end :-)
10m were open both days, although I was attracted by 15&20 to do some running there.

All in all, it was FUN: lots of guys calling, lots of girls playing radio & nice propagation on the higher bands [... and lots of RF-feedback in the shack I was operating from.. I will be emitting sparks tonight :-)]
Congrats to Scandinavian YLs for their first successful year and we're looking forward for the next one !

See you next weekend at CQWWSSB - will be operating from DR1A superstation !

YL blogging !

Just made my very first post at the YLOTA blog !
You're very welcome to come and have a look at the YL side of radio !
We just began with the support of Steven FE11DX and we're growing !
33 !