If the world ends in 2012, then I wasted my whole life studying..!

 Well, I don't know if 2012 will be a happy year or not, but we can still hope for a bright future after 2022, or maybe 2032, when the debt will reach the levels it had 5 years ago. Lovely.
Meanwhile, I loved what happened at Samoa. People there decided to wipe from their lives the 30th December 2011. That day never existed for them. They switched from 29th December straight away to 31st December ! 

I like that idea and will adopt it for myself. Samoans defeated the ultimate power of Time.
So, pick a day that something terrible, awful happened to you and say; the xx day, of yy month of zz year never existed for me and you are done !  If Samoans did it, why can't you ?
This is what I wish you for the new year. To be able to act freely, unpredictable, without taboos. Make the beginning by defeating the Time, and then move on by fighting other powers that dominate your life. After all, anything else will be easy like a piece of cake when compared to Time.

The secret lies at the "definitions". Someone defined how will Time be counted, and here we are, at 2012. Someone defined that we are obliged to celebrate each new year. Someone defined that once we had to leave our national currency and convert it to a much more expensive currency which has now become our own prison. A week ago, someone at the European Central Bank defined that he could create 489 billion euros out of nothing, and voila, the banks were "saved". Anything can happen.

So, happy new year, sincerely, without any kind of ironies this time, and may your heart and soul be warm, like your amplifier tubes at full dissipation and healthy to be able to enjoy DXing, contesting along with your radiobuddies, pound your keys at morse code rhythm and enjoy whatever makes you feel full and happy.

Cheers !