Freak !!

And damn proud of it !!

Finally managed to beat (think for the very first time) even for a tiny margin, my beloved competitor and CW buddy Helga IN3FHE :-)
It's one of the life's mysteries, but that score came in almost effortlessly, while I was trying to fight my boredom in the buffet-train-wagon (and greek trains are not famous for being quiet and peaceful).
I didn't manage to repeat it after I came home -who knows how my brain was wired at that certain moment on the train- but we certainly have a loooong month ahead, me and Helga (for the monthly CW Freak ranking) chasing each other :-)

Have you tried CW Freak yet ?  It's very similar to rufzXP with 3 competition lists (monthly, 20 QSOs, 50 QSOs). Audio is a bit tricky, I never managed to reach my topspeed, like I have done with rufzXP and another difference is that there is no repetition of the callsign: you heard it and that's it !  So you'd better be focused !

These days are rolling good. I also made a new rufzXP record by a tiny margin (only for 21 points !) but the important thing is that I touched again my topscores and not only that; I am often touching the 70WPM speed range. My CW happiness was complete by scoring a pretty 3633 sum at MR HST :-)

Now I will try to get acquainted with Pileup Runner. The only thing I can't get used with regarding this software is the keys. It seems that I need to acquire a visual contact with the code and the waterfall which I really don't like -it's a totally new skill I need to develop- since even when I am on the radio working split, I simply turn the dial and stop wherever my ears and only my ears are tuned and feel happy. But anyway, I will definitely try it and upload my findings here :-)

Keep practicing !  Di dit !

PILEUP RUNNER 1.1 beta !!!! Brand new toy by Alex VE3NEA !!!

PileUp simulator for sharping CW DXpeditioning skills !!!
Just downloaded it and trying to figure out how it works, >>vy excited<< !!!  :-)))

65p per QSO at MR HST

Something else I do after finishing a MR session, is to calculate the points average per QSO.
Yesterday, I knew that the above attempt would give me a big number and it was; 65 points per contact (while the usual average is anything between 59-61 points) !
Too bad this was only a goodnight session, right before hitting the bed around 0300 local and my focus/reflexes, wasn't at its best shape :-)

P.S: During August I literally stopped practicing. It took me a month to get back to my shape and now I feel I perform better than before. It's the very first time that I feel no guilts for having ceized practicing.

Time flies.. :-)