I'm still alive :-)

Thanks to my CW companiera Italiana for bringing me back to training.
I dedicate the above attempt to my CW friend Helga, a great CW lover and HST aficionada.
She will soon score like this as well (and kick some ass) because she's a real CW Contessa smokin' the pileups in the weekends :-))
Go Helga, go !!!!!

Abrazzo grande meine Helga from sunshiny SV xoxo
(it's Friday tomorrow !  Time to practice agn roundouts and flares here :-))

Summer update for springtime, CW-wise :-)

Scored decently good, considering that I wasn't into HST training mode. Was doing only CW Freak runs every second day, as well as many incomplete MR WPX runs (incomplete because it has been quite hard to have a whole hour uninterrupted).

The cup above is from the Germany Telegraphy Cup, which was held on 20th April. Detailed results can be found here. Very happy for my MR score, which came almost effortlessly. It seems that I can finally get at official competitions similar scores like those at home, when relaxed.

For my MR performance, I have a real debt to a Balkano brother, who's a MR wizard. Of course, when it comes to real RF, he's no different; he's smashing the pileups, working them with a precise clock-like steady tempo. Heartfelt thank you Balkano bro, also from here, in public.