QRQ - yet another CW trainer BRAND NEW CW TOY !!!

I've got my computer full with any CW gadget I could find out there: RX trainers.. speed trainers.. pileup trainers.. TX trainers.. all-in-one-CW trainers.. you name it.. I've got it - lol !

So here's the latest one: you download the latest version from here and you are ready to go !

Fabian with the new toy that he developed, he lets you stretch your QRQ skills either the classic way, by shooting 50 calls from a database -which is almost the half size compared to Rufz- either by practicing with the most common english words. Speed can be either variable or fixed and repetition by hitting F6 can be set either to unlimited, either to just once allowed, which makes your score eligible to be uploaded at the QRQ toplist.

Version 0.3.0 was just freshly released on 18th December, enjoy it !  Di dit !