Some Valentine's day romance...!

let me contribute to the aesthetics of the day, with 3 pics from my hiking/radio photo-albums :-)) ...

..with romantically involved couples:

..with deeply involved couples:

..with couple three's (SV7DLF squeezed by SV7DLM and me):

..with some objects of affection and love (front to back: the current belarussian HST key, two Begali HST models and a historical HST key from Belarus with which Larysa Barysenka EU7KT made lots of records !):

..and with one of the most famous (and passionate) kisses in sports, the one that the Czech javelin thrower Dana Zátopková blew to her husband -the "Czech Locomotive"- Emil Zátopek after he finished and won the marathon in 1952 Olympics - making a total of three gold medals during those Olympic Games:

Before closing, some wild love: The "Fatal Attraction" chess game, played a century ago by Edward Lasker, with a deadly trap and an impressive, forced end.

Okay enuff with romances, now get back to your CW training !!

(what ?  The pictures are not 3 ?! You counted them ?  :-)))