A nice weekend spent with a young friend !

It was so much fun, I had a lovely radio session along with my 15 y.o. radiobuddy Panos (SV2BFN's son and SV2BFN shack actual owner, HIHI) this weekend !

We do meet once in a while, mostly during contests. He loves contesting endeavors, working on the radio til the twilight catches him early in the morning, keeping up his dad's passion and tradition. This weekend, Panos offered the SV mult to a few tens of dutch contesters who were on for PACC. You go boy !

I really do enjoy his company (when not fighting on who's gonna take over the major operating seat !!), I love being around young people.

Lucky enough to enjoy a rather short (4hrs) yet awesome CW run on 20m while SV2BFN took a break from CQWPX RTTY. YL-OM Contest was also simultaneously on: saw quite a few stateside YLs spotted and I worked DL2FCA - awesome to meet you again dear Rosel, vielen Dank für das nette QSO ! Auf Wiederhören !

I will catch you up girls soon - this time I was just too lazy to switch the TRX to single sideband and stay on voice for a reasonable timeframe, but next year I will !

Thanks to all the guys who called me in, I really really enjoyed it and looking so much forward to the next one coming up !! VY 88 ES CU AGN !
Di dit !