Ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to announce the "Elser-Mathes Cup" winners !!

Remembering one of the few blue-clear-sky days while at JX5O. Here, along with Jón , TF3ZA !!  Yeeeeeey !  Picture shot by the master of patience, SQ8X. :-)))
(Beerenberg in the background, 2277m ASL. Well, okay, it's not reddish, but I believe that we still qualify for the Cup:

From Wikipedia:
The Elser-Mathes Cup was created in 1928 by U.S. Amateurs Fred Johnson Elser (W6FB/W7OX) and Stanley M. Mathes (7OE/K1CY) to be awarded for the “First Amateur Two-Way Communication Earth & Mars”. The cup is a Philippine Igorot wood carving, a bowl supported by two standing figures.