1st Greek Telegraphy Club CW Cup ! - Been there, done that !!

Laika feels very happy for having participated at the 1st Cup organized by the one and only CW club of her country. Now that she recovered the awkward (well, rather inexistent !) sleeping habits she had for 4 consecutive days, she can write a couple of stuff from that nice weekend :-)
She was QRV during almost all 24 hours, signing /1 since she was lucky enough to operate from the RAAG clubstation (and feels very thankful for the hospitality, which felt naturally like her home) and wkd with a tribander, wires, an oldie Collins PA which barely delivered 400W (bt was used part-time, mostly during the night hours) and a mighty Elecraft K3 trx.

The participation of the GTC members was unexpectedly high; Laika wkd 28 GTC members (SV4FFL, SV5DKL, SV1CEI/QRP, SV2FWV/1, SV1JFT, SV8GKE, SV1GRD, SV1OAA/8, SV1AAK, SV1PS, SV1KU, SV1AOW, SV2HWR, SV1OBY/QRP, SV4FFK, HB9EBC, SV9COL, SV1CQN, SV0XBN/9, SV1BUU, SV1MF, LZ1JZ, SV1IW, SV1NPC/QRP, K2RSK, SV2AVP, SV2GNC, SV1UG), but unfortunately didn't manage to log 2 DX members that were QRV: DL3CT and PR7AB. Hopefully next year.

Despite the excellent condx; SFI peaked at 190 and 10m was open til late at night, the overall CW activity was despairingly low due to the concurrent CQWW RTTY which apparently attracted the folks: with an overall rate less than 10 QSOs per hour (!!), Laika made a new low record and she sometimes looked like that while desperately calling CQ:

However she was really happy for having met within one weekend so many SV CW ops on the air, including Telis K2RSK and Mike HB9EBC, she met good buddies and made new ones and she also wkd the two famous RA/xxxxx guys :-)

What felt so special was to be among the youngest (age-wise) GTC member, Telis SV2HWR GTC #252, who is 19 years old, the lifelong respected elmers who have taught the code to many generations of amateurs; Yiorgos SV1KU GTC #7, Marko SV1MF GTC #5, the head of RAAG, Manos GTC #8, the youngest GTC member, Dimosthenis SV1OBY GTC # 262 and the DX Telis K2RSK GTC #56 whose soul and heart are beating greek. A great SV CW fest where the oldtimers shared their love for CW with the younger ones !

Laika (Vicky is her guest :-)