A new friend I met & a new MR record

The fauna of the house I was lucky and pleased to be hosted at, during my exams:


And an awesome new personal record at Morse Runner HST mode :-)))
However I know that it won't be easy to score such during an official competition; I have a long way ahead and the very first obstacle I need to overcome is to QSY to a standard keyboard. Practicing solely at my little netbook has had my my fingers fully adapted at smaller spaces. Switching to a standard keyboard (which is the way it is during official HST competitions) will be hard...

I've sprinkled 5-minute explosive runs (just like those at Deutsche Telegraphie Pokal, the German HST Championship) to my regular 10min+ runs, while I also experiment with higher/lower speeds instead of keeping the speed levels the same. Think it helps, triggers the ears, brain and fingers by giving different stimuli.

Keep practicing, di dit !  :-)