Freakin' fun !!!

.. with my new callsign, DM8YL. A rare case, that I managed to be ahead of my CW-companiera, Helga IN3FHE. Most of the times she's beating me for a small or bigger margin and this keeps me fit, trying to reach her score. If I do, a kind soul in northern Italy, does the same. It's never boring with Helga !!
But since it happens once in a zillion for a CW-machine to shoot-off three callsigns in a row (at the end, at those fast-shot calls with the most points !) that you are already aware of (and it's more half-copying-half-guessing rather than real-copying) I am sure that from the next month on, I will be struggling to overtake Helga, without success, as usual :-D  Abrazzo grande Helga !!!

The next HST event I plan to join is the "big one" at Bulgaria (no website launched yet as far as I'm concerned), which will take place in September, and if time permits also the Balkan by the end of May, I can now relax enjoying non-HST favorites, like CW-Freak and Morse Runner, WPX mode.

Besides the non-HST favorites, I also had the chance to get on the air, after a long time; I hope this will happen more often from now on.

Enjoyed almost for the very first time the topband during EUCW 160m. I liked it. I really hope that this will happen more often from now on, provided that someone doesn't apply epoxy-glue on his hips and occupy the 160m seat, wearing his pilot headset, pretending he doesn't hear me (yes, I am referring to you, you know who you are ! :)

I also enjoyed reading N6TR's "TopBand Disease" article. I can name at least one person who suffers from that disease. (yes, I am still referring to you !!)

During April will be back home. I already planned to return here:
(Skolio, the 2nd highest summit in SV. part of the Olympus massif peaking at 2911m ASL. Zoom in to see two specimens of the fauna of the mountain :-) Picture shot many Moons ago, must have been August 2008. After descending the mountain, heading directly to the beach to cool-down the sore feet)

, meet the biggest quadruped coaxer on Earth, Laika:
(the one who operates CW with the Kent straight key)

 , meet the wildest dog alive, Sputnik:
(here posing with the face #3, the so-called "nobody loves me". You think he should be on antidepressants ?  He'll still be depressed, or at least, this is how he naturally looks like. It's getting better when he hears someone calling "WHO WANTS A TREAAAT ??!!")

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends hw one sees it, spring at SV is a candy for the eyes&soul :-)), due to the above trip back home,  I won't be able to attend to the Europe's Cup in Serbia (a warm-up HST comp, few months before the IARU comp) nor join DTP (the germans' competition) :-((

Now I need to calibrate my MR WPX skills. After such a long-time of no training at WPX mode, everything feels so hard, so QRMy, so annoying. Ugggggh !!!! :-))))