New CW Freak !!

Was very happy to find out today that a brand new version of CW Freak is out !

Click here to download it:

It implements a brand new interesting competition (monthly, yearly, all-time) as well as better, more flexible training modes with quite a few variables and it's operational under Windows 7 & 8.
Something else that I really, really liked is that Freak has built-in progress graphs something that is also feasible with rufzXP but on an external website ( by uploading .csv files.

I still find rufzXP's sound better though (but this is all about personal tastes I guess), however I really enjoy CW Freak's monthly competition, something that rufzXP doesn't have.

This might be a nice trigger to get somehow back to my CW training which I lately left behind, due to other nice things I'm busy with when time permits; I discovered ice-skating and I also got back into sketching (thinking of a new CW sketch lately..) Sometimes I bake too, to load up with carbs :-))