End of a season !

2009 is history and from the ham radio point of view, it was finished with three awesome contests by my side: CQWW CW Contest (I was on as SOSB(A)/40HP), 9A CW Contest (CW SO-40M LOW) and DARC XMAS Contest (SO-CW-LOW)

All in all, I had a ball. I can still feel my eyes twinkling and my ears jingling, and any sound that I hear these days is being automatically converted to CW rhyme (eg I start wondering why do the collar doves keep singing “A, A” today ?!)
I also feel really thankful to Vagelis SV2BFN for letting me sneak into his shack and operate.

It was great meeting radio friends on the air competing, as well as working world-class operators that whistle CW on contests like rapid fire.

The most special contest of the three though, was the DARC XMAS Test. Since it's a sprint contest it requires a totally different approach, so it was really nice to get acquainted with something I never tried before and it turned out to be really fun, so I am really looking forward to clicking the upcoming EU Sprints !

And now.. something like a “founding declaration” of this blog :-) before signing off from here to start my post-contest recovery.
I was triggered to create this blog while I was showing pictures to a good radio buddy who suggested: “I guess that it's time you'd get started with writing and sharing”.
And I finally decided to do so, mostly because I feel the need to share all those things that I love, with good friends and relatives that for various reasons we are apart and I really don't want to lose touch from.

Looking back over my shoulder, I can say for sure, that 2009 was an exciting year, with many moments that let me shift my ham radio experience into a higher gear and live it up, as well as with numerous unique, impossible-to-forget, amusing landscapes, heartwarming hikes and moments along with great guys that took me high and I recall with joy..

I will try to keep this blog posted.
Sometimes I am lucky. Sometimes I write. The case is, that rarely those “sometimes” synchronize - I do not promise much for now, but yes, I will also exist here.

di dit

P.S. The pictures on this post are not current, they're from CQWWSSB '08, from SV2BFN shack where we participated as J42T. My camera was somewhere stuffed in a backpack, so no pics from the contests mentioned above :-(