"I understand the concept of cleaning just not as it applies to me.."

Announcing the "Most Dangerous Ham Shack Award". You could send in your application today and have the chance to proudly display your accomplished shack award ! :-)
Yepp ! The way a shack should be: tremendously messy, in true ham tradition !

If I would nominate a fellow ham for this award (although I could be eligible for this award too !), then I'd go for my good radio buddy SV7AMJ, a great fellow ham and electronics technician by trade (note: his qrz.com picture is NOT shot at his own shack !!!).
I still recall myself looking desperately for a soldering iron in his shack (where absolutely everything, including his vintage equipment collection, was covered with a yellow/brown layer of oily, sticky gunk because he is a fanatic smoker), and finally found it (!) under a pile of small and large papers, cat food, a dozen of books, electronic components, his daughter's toys, a couple of dead tubes and a half-eaten apple.
If there were 3 guys sitting in his shack, then the fourth person should be hovering on the ceiling, above all the debris & junk in order to have access :-)

A few words for my "quickie" sketch now. Was sketched up at 0200 local time. I found a picture of this shack somewhere on the web, I have absolutely no idea whose is it, but I loved it at first sight for its unique character (maybe I saw something of my own in it !) and what I found really challenging, were the numerous details in it, although it was impossible to reproduce them all.
Used soft pencils and a little of charcoal for a few details - I'm in "Sketch-Lust" mode again ! Will post more soon :-)