Remembering a heartbeat

Here comes the spring !  Revisiting beloved places to view the really loved one..

Samothrace Island (EU-174 !):
"At the foot of Feggari Mountain I would live and never leave again. Not to any foreign land nor any dazzling city. From here, I would embark upon my little journeys with the power of the mind and go wherever I wished.

At the foot of Feggari Mountain, like in any place to which one gives one's heart, are contained all the secrets of the world. This is home. Being able to find in each molecule of the atmosphere, all the rest. This is love. Being able to see through one man all the others, and through a woman, all humanity. And being able to share with her your soul, receiving her thoughts and her aura, as they are dispresed in the wind. This is love..."
The glorious highest summit of Feggari (=Moon) Mt, reaches 1611m above sea level.

Mount Athos:

It's rather unusual, but when such WX conditions occur, there is excellent visibility and four gems show up over northern Aegean Sea horizon to sparkle their immense beauty and can be seen from my university QTH, Alexandroupolis:
Imvros island (turkish name: Gökçeada - can be barely seen on the first picture), Samothrace island, Thassos island and Mount Athos (highest summit at 2033m) which is the hardest one to be seen, lying approximately 150km away !
Thanks to my buddy Manos (soon-to-be-ham !) I enjoyed an awesome evening ride. His oldie-yet-goldie Lada, turned out to be a mighty fighter once more !  :-)

P.S. I do visit Samothrace (almost) every year. I plan to activate it while camping the forthcoming spring/summer. See you then !  73 !