When spring comes just on time ! March 2nd - A photostory for the king of Bieszczady !

Laika just can't help herself waiting on going on her first expedition !  So she thought that from this day on, she'd polish up her CW skills !  Laika started calling CQ on 20m with her straight key, signing /QRP !  Loves working the pileups !

After a while, she had an awesome pileup calling her, so Laika decided to go seriously QRQ and keep the rates high !  Piece of cake !

Laika's greatest ambition though, is to teach Miss Achu CW, so that both of them could go on YL expeditions and work the world together !

And so Yuly was motivated by Laika, to take her first CW course !  At the basis of that course Yuly was willing to work hard and master the morse code !  At this particular picture is obvious how excited she feels !  :-)

And so we began:
-"K" is dah-di-dah, listen !" 
-"M" is da-dah, listen to this too !
-Okay, got it.
..after a few times repeating this...
-Now, let's go practicing with these two letters !
-Ahh I've already forgotten them !  Both !
And so Yuly decided to leave the CW stuff for Laika, since morse code wasn't her cup of tea.

Laika's son, Sputnik, will follow his mom at the expedition, however he will be operating SSB only. Don't be misleaded by this picture: Sputnik, -contrary to his mother's outgoing and playful character- is very shy and the worst.. he is afraid of his own shadow !

After having finished our radio & CW sessions, we took a short walk around to enjoy the landscape. Here you can see in front Vyrros Rocks which is a very popular climbing field for the local climbers and the "gray" mountain in the back is Menikio, which has a unique, wild beauty - it's also the serious "playground" of the local hang-gliders and paragliders. Quite different from Bieszczady though.

One blooming plum tree we found on our way - wish you could smell this !

The last photo shoot of Laika during sunset before we both went home.
QSP from Laika: "Catch you up Stany at the lower segments of the bands !"  ;-)

VY 73 es cwfe !

Dedicated to someone who needs a trigger to come back to his CW training again !