Ham Radio is a journey you take with your friends..

.. it's almost a month since I left home for the big Dayton & DR1A endeavor, which I SERIOUSLY LOVED.

Now that I finally got my feet back on the ground, I can safely look back, so that I can get started scheduling the next one :-)

All in all Dayton was a blast !! I was carried away to be among thousands of like-minded people, not to mention that this trip was my very first trip to States as well as the very first hamfest I ever attended !

I had a ball meeting radiobuddies from all over the world, top-notch radioamateurs that I really look up to (hpe to cu soon Ward !) and it was also my pleasure to meet my CW elmer, the man who inspired me to get my feet wet in real morse code operation and supported me for real, Bob N2OO.

Bob not only had generously shared with me his CW art & craft but we also shared a mouthwatering cheesecake ice-cream (chocolate glazed !) on Saturday afternoon, right after I was told that I had passed my Extra US license exam ! :-))

I will definitely give it a good try to be there next year agn along with the same SV gang: Cliff SV1JG and Mike SV9CVY !!

VY 73 es 88 de SV2KBS/AB1MQ (planning to change my US call soon..)
Note 1: Still looking for pics from the DX Dinner !
Note 2: Planning to post soon a few doodles from the CQWPXCW DR1A experience !

The whole team at ARRL booth !!  :-))

A glimpse from the Contest Dinner !!  (the one in danger is Cliff SV1JG !) Picture shot by Mike SV9CVY !

Contest Dinner along with Tim K3LR and Bob N2OO !

From the Kansas CW PileUp Competition !  What a night !  Here along with Dragan and Jim !

Cliff SV1JG, Mike SV9CVY, Eladio WP3MW, Doug K1DG and me during a break from Contest University !
Going back to Crowne Plaza: vy happy in my ICOM jacket !!