From Russia with love !

As far as I can remember myself, I always wanted to visit Russia (and had and still have a burning desire to take the Transsiberian railway all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok) and WRTC 2010 was just the perfect opportunity to realize this !

So far, so good. I feel vy lucky to be able touch the world of the top-notch contesters and live up this great event along with my good YL radiobuddy Nathalie F5CDE.

Below few of the pics I took during the opening ceremony as well as from RM5A station, something like 150km western of WRTC field stations, where we will be on as M/S along with Igor RD3BW, Valery RA3AJ, Nathalie F5CDE, Brad K7ZSD and Sergey RU4W, keeping track of the ongoing WRTC results from here.

Go Germany, go !!!!

El Capitan Dale, VE7SV and the VE teamleader Lee VE7CC !!

The Viking från Sverige: Mats SM6LRR

Marios and Stavros, the Cypriots !  (This is the 4th WRTC participation for Stavros !)

Kevin N5DX (part of the unique father & son WRTC team K5GO & N5DX !), Tim K3LR and Bob N6TV !

The S5 team !

RM5A QTH, zillion thanks to Igor RD3BW for the hospitality !

Someone help me find my way up !  ;-)

The horizontal 20m stack fixed to NA

And the glorious 40m 4el yagi

Brad K7ZSD on 20m, just before my 20m CW shift started. Valery RA3AJ on the side !

Yummy akroshka, fresh berries honey-dipped chak-chak from Kazan, Russian vodka and cognac !  Ochen Harasho !